In Todd's Words...


How to keep one's balance: all that's known retreats and fades. One stretches for words, words that can plumb the depths of emotion that come from being wrongly imprisoned, words that raise awareness, words that move hearts.


The links on this page archive Todd's writing for Newspeak, a Colorado Springs monthly tabloid. His monthly columns run under the byline:


I Am Ahab

Writing from Prison

by Todd Newmiller





March 2008: Greg Oden’s birthday today. Also today, Tim Masters was ordered released from prison....<more>


Februray 2008: The radio’s on, and coffee’s brewing with its own bubbling and dripping music, the pleasant musk of strong coffee permeating the confined space of my cell....<more>


January 2008: It was Thanksgiving and I was....<more>


December 2007: How much caffeine does it take....<more>


November 2007: Perhaps the greatest insight to emerge from great personal tragedy....<more>


October 2007: The fire threw off a mighty heat....<more>


September 2007: When you help to care for a child....<more>


August 2007: [X] was at my door....<more>


July 2007: Flag day today. Also a new moon. <more>


June 2007: "Present Fears are less than horrible imaginings." <more>


May 2007: "Will the kindly judge squelch the 5 or 6 brazen nymphs?" <more>


April 2007: "The facility will remain on lockdown indefinitely. The lockdown is due to the presence of dangerous....<more>


March 2007: "December, approaching the years darkest night, and the only way out of the dream is ....<more>


February 2007: Trying to strike words on the forge of paper, if not sparks of inspiration. Kool Mo Dee’s birthday today. Also the anniversary of Hetfield’s flesh-melting horror....<more>


January 2007: "I myself am a savage, owing no allegiance but to the King of the Cannibals....<more>


December 2006: Today just before the time we usually get locked down after lunch, there was some kind of altercation....<more>


November 2006: "Many great books have been written in prison....<more>