Crime Scene Analysis by the Colorado Springs Metro Forensics Laboratory

On 10 January 2006 Criminologist Jeff Saviano and Crime Scene Technician Kimberly Bjorndahl submitted the analysis linked to below. This report was requested by the DA to support it's case against Todd. The report was done ten months after the DA gave Brad a suspended sentence, thus freeing him from further prosecution. Amazingly, the report states in its closing paragraph that Brad Orgill cannot be eliminated as Anthony's assailant. It suggests, though, that Brad is less likely to be the assailant because
  • there is no evidence that Brad carried a knife.

The report does, however, note that

  • Brad's clothing has a large amount of Anthony's blood.
  • Todd's clothing has a much smaller amount of blood, but this blood was not tested by the state to tell whose blood it was. (note: Subsequent independent analysis revealed the blood stains on Todd clothes to have come from Todd. None of Anthony's blood was found on Todd's clothing.)

The report points out that there was a minute amount of Anthony's blood found on Todd's knife--so little blood that the very testing process consumed the blood evidence. However, the report does not point out that when Det Richar examined Todd's knife shortly after the stabbing,

  • he did not note any blood on the knife, but
  • he did note debris on it.

The defense requested on multiple occasions that the debris be tested to match it with the tire from Chas Schwartz's truck. However,

  • that testing was never done.
  • in May 2005, when the knife was examined by CBI, the debris was missing, but an extremely minute amount of Anthony's blood was found on it.
  • The missing tire debris was important to the case of the defense because its existence on the knife would indicate that the knife had not been washed.

The DNA lab retained by the defense noted that the minute amount amount of blood on Todd's knife and its location was consistent with secondary transfer. Also supporting the analysis that the blood on the knife arrived on it well after Anthony's stabbing is the fact that

  • There was no blood on the puncture of the tire on Chas's truck. The puncturing of the tire occurred while Brad and Anthony were fighting fiercely.
  • Further, there was no blood in Todd's pockets where he kept the knife.
  • This independent lab also tested the blood on Todd's jacket (the blood that the state refused to test), and noted that it was only Todd's blood--none of Anthony's blood was found anywhere on any article of Todd's clothing (pockets, cuffs, sleeves, shoes, etc.).

At Todd's trial,

  • Brad Orgill continued to maintain that he had not carried a knife the night Anthony was stabbed,
  • but did admit to carrying three knives in the past,
  • and on one occasion being ready to use a knife should a fight erupt in a bar he frequented. 
  • None of the three knives Brad admitted carrying were recovered by police when they searched his house.

You'll need Adobe reader to read the Crime Scene Analysis (pdf 439k).